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I beat a debt collector 5 years ago on a very large debt they said I owed. I spent 12months of researching commonwealth consumer protection laws, ACCC and ASIC guidelines, I decided to challenge them on 23 key points. Now I have started this website to help people feeling trapped and bullied with nowhere to turn. I will gladly help you beat them too, send me an email using the ‘Contact Us‘ form on the right hand side of this page, tell me your situation and Ill help as many people as I can, or simply Click Here

Are they calling you 100 times a day at all hours?

When your debt was sold, your details automatically went onto their database. This is used by a team of telesales agents, paid commission to chase you. Also the Auto-responders that churn out the annoying emails/letters etc Getting removed form this list, halts the hassle. review – Ignoring this whilst easy, means they adopt the new tactic of social media. Do you own a Facebook account or Instagram, maybe send out some Snapchats to mates. They have a team of people that search only for your friends/family/work colleagues. Searching tagged posts of you on nights out, meals in restaurants with friends. From fake accounts, they will friend/follow and call your friends to inform them you owe debt and need to pay. review review


ADMIN – This website is for one purpose only. If 5,000 consumer testimonials are reached, an investigation can be launched into the debt collection industry here in Australia. They can then be held accountable for the 100,000’s consumers they chase/harass everyday!

Although this website has been quoted in a parliamentary hearing for consumer debt (with a subsequent report printed). Not one MP, is highlighting the practices by Debt Collection companies. Yet have a look below, at some of the recent media coverage concerning them –


They get rich….you suffer.

Help me fight them!


1ws5Celebrating five years fighting Debt Collection companies review review, feel free to use the contact me form on the right hand side and Ill get back to all of you with advice as quick as I can. Don’t worry, if your in debt, it is easy to get out again, it is just a case of knowing how to play the game and what you can do using what laws made for your protection can be used.