Debt Collectors using Social Media to chase and harass you

The new tactic of debt collectors using social media to chase and harass you is upon us. Understandably a lot of consumers when being chased for debts tend to ignore the demands, a tactic that bought silence until recently. In this age of instant reviews, selfies with mates and Instagram ‘likes’, consumers have invited them in.

Cost effective, quick and targeted, using the internet is by far the easiest choice for these companies. It is extremely valuable, as searching requires little effort or money for the debt collection company. The industry term is called ‘Skip Tracing’, where the company will use all methods to track you down. The likelihood of you not having a social media account, or your name being tagged somewhere is very low.

A favorite tactic is ‘payment by embarrassment’, unless you freely tell friends, colleagues and neighbors you are in debt and are being chased for it, they are probably unaware of it. The company targets your friends on Facebook and messages them, which is legal. Work colleagues are emailed and doors are knocked on, a systematic campaign online, to target and harass you, with plenty of phone calls and texts thrown in when you are at home.

Whilst there is a code of ethics, the debt collection industry has to adhere to, they get round a lot of the rules. It is difficult for you to prove they got your contact information or friends from social media, if it is online, then it is fair game in their eyes.

Delete and Dispute any Defaults on your Credit File with this Free trick!

One unfortunate factor with being in debt, is that companies will put a default on your credit file, which will stop you being able to get credit. Many people run out of money before payday and often need a little bit of credit/loan to get them to the next payday and sort themselves out. So one tactic I would suggest, is to access for free you credit file and have a look quickly to see if there are any defaults on your name and if there is, then click dispute next to all of them. I have found many times companies put defaults on your file much earlier than they should, so you can sometimes clear your file/improve your credit score straightaway. The free one I used was this one