Delay Debt Enforcement Action Template Letter

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Before I start though, I know there are lot of people being chased at all hours at home and work for large debts, that are endlessly growing. If you are stressed and need help to simply resolve the debt, there are several tactics you can use and Ive helped 100’s over the past 4years beat these companies. Please use the, ‘Contact Us Now‘ form on the right hand side and send me an email with your current situation and I will help you. I will reply to everybody, thanks.

Request to delay debt enforcement action

Use this sample letter when your creditor informs you they intend to commence legal proceedings and you are waiting for financial and legal advice. Do not use this letter if legal proceedings have been commenced.

This sample letter is for information only and should not be relied upon as legal advice. The information applies only in Victoria, and was updated in February 2014.

It is possible that this letter may be ignored and legal proceedings commenced. You should immediately lodge a complaint with the External Dispute Resolution scheme to which your credit provider belongs. If they do not belong to one of the schemes, seek legal advice urgently. Contact Consumer Action Law Centre on 1300 881 020 or

[Date] [Your street]
[Your suburb and postcode]
[Your phone number]


[Name of creditor/debt collector]
[Creditor’s/dc’s street number and name]
[Creditor’s /dc’s suburb and postcode]


Dear [ ],

Subject: Request to delay debt enforcement action: [Your name]

I refer to your letter of [date] advising of your intention to commence legal proceedings in relation to [details of the debt, eg loan number].

I request that you do not take legal action against me for a period of fourteen days as I am currently seeking financial and legal advice in relation to this matter. Should you do so, I will complain to the External Dispute Resolution scheme to which you belong.

In making this request, I do not acknowledge liability for the amount alleged to be outstanding.

Would you please provide me with a written response to my request promptly.

Yours faithfully,


[your name and signature]

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One unfortunate factor with being in debt, is that companies will put a default on your credit file, which will stop you being able to get credit. Many people run out of money before payday and often need a little bit of credit/loan to get them to the next payday and sort themselves out. So one tactic I would suggest, is to access for free you credit file and have a look quickly to see if there are any defaults on your name and if there is, then click dispute next to all of them. I have found many times companies put defaults on your file much earlier than they should, so you can sometimes clear your file/improve your credit score straightaway. The free one I used was this one