Stop Debt Collectors Calling and Harassing you

If you want to stop debt collectors calling and harassing you, there are several tactics you can adopt. Being able to stop debt collectors calling and harassing you is reliant on using the law against them.

Starting with a barrage of text messages requesting you call a number. Moving swiftly onto an onslaught of phone calls to your house and mobile, sometimes more than 15 a day. You come home from work and find letters waiting for you telling you to ‘Pay Now’ or you may face legal action, threats to garnish your salary, take your car or maybe even lose your house!

A simple fact in today’s climate, debt collectors have got a lot more aggressive and in many documented cases, clearly breached the law in bullying and pressurising the vulnerable.


Get rid of your debts before the end of January

*Urgent update 13/01/18 – Amendments to law, regarding the debt collecting industry come into effect next week, therefore, if you need my help to get rid of them, it has to be now, whilst my process/strategy still works with current legislation.

If you owe debts right now, then you are already receiving calls and letters, they escalate to calling work/neighbours and finally on to a court judgment to reclaim back debt owed. They have tried to shut this site down unsuccessfully, and it has been running for 4 years and helped over 2000 Aussies beat them. So if you are stressed and need help to simply resolve the debt, there are several tactics you can use from freezing to forced settlemtent. Please use the, ‘Contact Us Now‘ form on the right hand side and send me an email with your current situation and I will help you. I will reply to everybody, or simply Click Here


Stop Debt Collectors Calling and Harassing you


  • DCA’s are a business, 99% are not here to help you or listen to your problems. Dog died, car on fire, lost your wallet? They don’t care….Imagine a room with 100 people sitting at individual desks, with headsets on. These sales people are paid a bonus in accordance to how much they can get you to pay off the debt.


  • The staff at these call centres have morning meetings before they begin. Here, they are given tactics on how to get you to pay e.g. ‘ …tell them we have their neighbours’/bosses number and we will ask them for the money’….or…’if you don’t pay today, we will make arrangements to have your parents’ car taken away and sold off to pay off the debt’. The bosses at these companies tell the staff how much money they expect each of them to collect by the end of the day. When these people call you, talking/negotiating with them is as effective as double sided playing card


  • Where do they get the debts?…..they buy them, and in bulk . They have sales guys that target banks, institutions, mobile phone operators and buy a large collection of these debts for a % of the debt. What does this mean?….Let’s say your debt from Bank ‘A’ is an old credit card and was for $1678…….usually the DCA buys it for 10-20% of original value. However they will demand full amount, plus, their own charges on top. So they pay around $300 and try and get over $2000 off you, and over a fixed agreed time, you can begin to see why they make so much money and don’t care about personal circumstances.

Now they have a database of all these debts in front of them with telephone numbers and addresses given from the original debtor…now what? They want cash from you, as quick as possible , with the least amount of effort on their part. So now they adopt various methods of achieving that…….


  • A standard letter is sent to you, asking for the amount, plus charges back. Often breaching Aussie guidelines and making official looking documents intended or likely to, mislead debtors as to their status, for example, documents made to resemble court claims.


  • Phone calls – A favourite tactic – calling you about 5-10 times a day, on every number they have to contact you, mobile, home and work. Sometimes sending texts and asking you to call them back on premium rate numbers (which is illegal) Imagine the above happening to you everyday for the next month. This is physical/psychological harassment, it is illegal and once again something else that you can stop.


    • They will begin the nasty and often illegal tactics if they still have no success collecting the full amount, these include – which are all illegal -contacting you at unreasonable times, ignoring legitimate wishes in respect of when and where to contact you, claiming instructions from the courts, claiming to be bailiffs. Falsely implying or stating that action can or will be taken when it legally cannot us a business name which implies public body status, or falsely implying or stating that failure to pay a debt is a criminal offence or that criminal proceedings will be brought if debtors to pay in full, in unreasonably large instalments, or to increase payments when they are unable to do so. All of which are illegal

Check and dispute your Credit file Today

One unfortunate factor with being in debt, is that they will put a default on your credit file, which is why you will want to stop debt collectors calling and harassing you Many people run out of money before payday and often need a little bit of credit/loan to get them to the next payday and sort themselves out. So one tactic I would suggest, is to access for free you credit file and have a look quickly to see if there are any defaults on your name and if there is, then click dispute next to all of them. I have found many times companies put defaults on your file much earlier than they should, so you can sometimes clear your file/improve your credit score straightaway. The free one I used was this one


Stop Debt Collectors Calling and Harassing you


What a debt collector can’t do:

  • call you more than three times a week
  • call you outside the hours of 7.30am–9.00pm on weekdays or 9.00am–9.00pm on weekends
  • visit you in person if you’ve already made an agreement over the phone or by email
  • contact you on social media or by email if someone else may be able to see the communication
  • threaten, intimidate or harass you in any way
  • make false claims about what will happen if you don’t pay the debt
  • impersonate a legal or government authority.


Dear Sir/Madam



Re: Account [details] 


Please do not communicate with me about the [give details of the debt] (‘the alleged debt’)


Under section 45 (2)(m) of the Australian Consumer Law and Fair Trading Act 2012 (Vic) (‘the Act’), you must not contact me about the alleged debt, unless the contact is:


  • an action issued through a court or tribunal; or


  • the threat of an action that the you are entitled to issue through a court or Tribunal and which you intend to take; or


  • to provide a default notice in relation to a credit contract (a communication with the person for the purposes of complying with the National Credit Code).


If I experience humiliation or distress due to a course of conduct in contravention of section 46 of the Act, I am entitled to seek damages of up to $10,000.


Any further contact from you, other than for the reasons mentioned above, will be unlawful and I will:


  • seek advice about obtaining compensation from the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal or any relevant External Dispute Resolution Scheme for any distress or humiliation caused;
  • make a complaint to Consumer Affairs Victoria.


By writing this letter I do not acknowledge any liability for the alleged debt.


*You can include one or more of the following if they are relevant to you:


  • I am in receipt of a social security benefit which is my sole source of income. As you may be aware, should you issue legal proceedings against me:
  • a court will not make an instalment order against me without my consent (see: s 12, Judgment Debt Recovery Act 1984 (Vic)), or
  • an attachment of earnings order (see: r. 72.01 Magistrates’ Court General Civil Procedure Rules 2010 (Vic)).


I have no assets which may be seized through bankruptcy or enforcement of a judgment debt.


  • You have already threatened legal action against me. Therefore, there is no need for you to contact me again, other than to issue legal action.
  • You may only threaten to take legal action against me once. You must only do so in writing and must not contact me by telephone.
  • As you will be aware, I strenuously deny any liability for the alleged debt because:

e.g. you have refused to product document evidencing the debt;

e.g. the amount you claim is a penalty.


Yours faithfully




Now you have a much better understanding of who to stop debt collectors calling and harassing you


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